Thursday, May 31, 2007

Open House This Saturday, 6/2/07

Are you going to be there this Saturday? We have a customer coming as far as Iowa to join us, I hope you can make it.

Bring your products to show it off, trust me there is no better audience than a bunch of soapers that can speak your soap language! Everything from how quickly you have to work after you add your fragrance oils in your cold process soap to how much had to practice to get that gorgeous batch of swirl!
Come on by, we are open this Saturday June 2, 2007 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ostrich & Emu Oil Soap, Fabo!

Sandy F. from Nebraska Sunset Soap sent me a bar of Emu Oil & Buttermailk Powder Soap for sensitive skin, scented with Lavender Vanilla & Gardenia and

Ilene S. from The Michigan Country Soapworks sent me a bar of Ostrich & Emu Oil Soap (unscented & uncolored)

This is after I posted a message asking about the difference in a bar of soap with the emu oil added. After finishing my current soap in the shower, I couldn't wait to dive into using one of these, let me tell you... wow, what a difference!!!

Whenever my customers ask me what applications our emu oil are ideal for, I ALWAYS recommend that they use the emu oil in a leave-on product such as lotion, cream, lip balm etc but not in soaps because after all you are washing the soap off after just a few minutes of lathering to take full advantage of emu oil's benefits. To give these soaps a fair review, I used them exclusively for a week each and the difference is amazing. My soap is already moisturizing, but after trying these soaps I have to say... I just might have to re-formulate my recipe and add 15% of emu oil to the luxury line!

Thank you ladies for the fabulous soaps, they are truly moisturizing and felt like silk on my skin!! You ladies have just sold me over to add emu oil to my recipe ;-) Oh, I have to order a bar from Patti to try as well. I just haven't had time to place my order yet :)... We went up to Wisconsin Dells last weekend, I will post more about it in another thread with pictures! We had so much fun!! For those looking for good quality emu oil soaps, I highly recommend checking out Sandy and Ilene's!

Anyway, in case you are wondering about the benefits and properities of emu oil, here are some of them!

  • skin rejuvenation
  • relief for joint pain and sore muscles
  • anti-inflammatory
  • highly penetrating, non-greasy, absorbs without leaving a greasy feel
  • moisturising
  • wound healing agent
  • excellent emulsifier
  • anti-Aging Effect
  • scar prevention


  • lotions
  • creams
  • lotion balms
  • hair care
  • sun care products
  • anti-aging products
  • massage oil
  • and SOAPS! ;)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Chicago Conference Cancelled

In case you haven't heard, the Chicago Conference has been cancelled :(

Just a thought... We might still have a small one for those wanted to come, maybe in a different venue. Anyone interested?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Frosted Bags

A good soaper friend that has always been on the look out for KB has tipped us to a new frosted bag. This little bag is so cute and versatile! you can package your products in style! anything from a bar of soap, collection of lip balms, travel size products to a salve tin!The top features a closure that you close across the top, or you can cut the tabs off and put your own label across the top as a security tamper proof measures!The bags come flat, you will fold them and tug in the tabs to close the bottom and the top, once expanded the widest measurements are (it tapers on the top):
3.75" width x 1" depth" x 5" height (including the handle)

Sold in lots of 50 bags.

Have fun using this box, we would love to see your creative ways using this packaging, send us some pictures to be posted on our blog!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Here's a picture of the showroom, we had such a great time at our grand opening after the move from the old warehouse. All through out the morning, customers and friends from near and far stopped in to congratulate us and also there to shop! Thank goodness for our Warehouse Manager Kathy L for being there to help with customer's questions and pull orders. We couldn't do it without her! Thanks Kathy L. !!

An Aroma Art Fresheners section was setup for the hands-on 'make and take' demo, the kids absolutely loved it and to mention their moms too. The warehouse was smelling amazing with Orchid fragrance oil lol, in case you are wondering, the Orchid fragrance oil was tested for compatibility with Aroma Art! No ink bleeding or fading.

We are only open one Saturday (first Saturday of the month) a month for local customers that can't make it to the warehouse during the week, our next Saturday that we will be open is June 2nd, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. If you live in Illinois or in the town that weekend, please come and visit us! We hope to see you all there!

Click here for driving directions.

Kitty :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chicago Conference

Yeah!!! It's a go :)... Well, almost lol.

Brenda S. the Chicago Conference organizer enlisted me to negotiate the terms of the contract with the general manager of Holiday Inn, just so we don't have to cancel this year's conference...

Actually, it was pretty painless and the general manager at the hotel agreed to extend the guarantee date by a month, we now have until mid June to guarantee attendees!

Although we are half way there, but we still need more people to sign up, if you haven't already please register today to attend the Chicago Conference!! We haven't decided what to give out as a special bonus in the goodie bags yet, what suggestions have you got? ;), post your suggestions in the comments section and we'll definitely consider them.

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lip Balm Shrink Wraps - Back In Stock!

We have re-designed our popular lip balm shrink wraps to widen it by 1mm, this makes the lip balm tubes slide into the shrink sleeves so much easier. They feature the same perforated tear lines that we all loved, it comes down from the top and around the cap, we have designed it so the body of the sleeve stays on the tube to product the label!

The lip balm shrink wraps are back in stock and ready to ship! Here's the direct link